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A sentence, a phrase and a slogan that crosses different borders and creates a connection that makes the world admire. In most cases, the sentence owes it to the limitless creativity that has stepped beyond the framework and managed to find a bridge between a mental image and public reality. There have been countless successful brands that may have aimed to create an advertisement to engage the audience in a certain period of time, but the result exceeded expectations and changed the world. During 6 years, the Snickers chocolate company was able to receive great awards in the field of creativity and increase its sales by 15.9% globally, which includes 56 markets out of 58 international markets. In the following, we will examine the reasons for the success of this campaign.

In the following you will read about:

  • The History of Snickers
  • Snickers Brand Identity
  • Snickers is More Than a Sweet Fix
  • Campaign Achievements
  • Strive for Globalization!

The History of Snickers

Frank Mars, the owner of the chocolate company of the same name, which was first established in 1911 in Washington, and after going through a difficult period with the failure of his story, did not finish his story and continued to operate again in 1920. The story of making numerous chocolates of this collection of Twix and Marathon, which was later renamed to Snickers, is amazing in its own way, but another interesting point is that this extensive business is still managed by the descendants of Mr. March in a family manner.

chocolate snickers

Snickers ‌Brand Identity

Snickers is a company that has features such as fun, liveliness, sociability and attractiveness and tries to communicate with its target group, which includes a large group of different nationalities, through humor and simple concepts. Sentences and slogans and of course visual content that convey feelings such as convenience, affordability and wide access. That’s why this lovely treat is accessible as a meal to be you.

Snickers is More Than a Sweet Fix

A set of advertisements that come with a simple yet exaggerated message in response to a feeling that is common to all humans. These integrated marketing communications are used to influence the maximum audience through all modern and traditional media channels.

In fact, the goal of Snickers is that whenever consumers need a snack, this delicious product is their best choice. The marketing strategy of this big brand was carefully divided into age, gender, needs and even its considerations and was able to overcome all obstacles.


Campaign Achievements

In the first step, it is necessary to say that advertisements achieved such success that they permeated popular culture and appeared in unpaid forms such as political cartoons and television programs. Based on the same groups that we mentioned more, men in the age range of 13 to 35 years were the most important audience group of these advertisements, which shows a contradiction based on the statistics of the common belief that chocolate is more liked by women. The United States, as the number one market for Snickers, also helped a local campaign to be seen on a global level by airing the ad between the two halves of the important Super Bowl games and was another factor that helped the series to be successful. This shows that if the creativity of an advertising agency is supported in a section and even a certain range, what a great leap it will take towards higher peaks.

Strive for Globalization!

Generalizing the concepts, feelings, involving the target audience in the most direct and best ways and using the available regional facilities is the same winning formula that we obtained by analyzing the campaign of this popular chocolate brand. It may not be the peak, but it will definitely reduce your error percentage.

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